Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are one of the most innovative streamlined window coverings on the market today. Neat, contemporary and brilliantly functional, is it any wonder that perfect fit blinds are quickly becoming some of the most sought after blind designs.


Why We Love Perfect Fit Blinds...

There are plentiful reasons to try perfect fit blinds in your home.


Perfect fit blinds are as they say on the tin – they are blinds which perfectly fit your window. Accurately measured and expertly fitted, they don’t require any screws or nails to be installed, thereby causing no damage to your property. Since perfect fit blinds sit neatly in your window frame, they also provide more space than other “conventional blinds”. Without any cords or chains to operate the blinds, they are a fantastic option for family homes with young children.


What’s more, perfect fit blinds can be effortlessly fit to seemingly difficult windows such as skylights. They also provide easy and total light control where others might let in light around the edges of blinds.


What to Expect from St Pauls Blinds

Here is some useful information about our perfect fit blinds:

Please note that anything with * has an additional charge.


  • Available in Roller, Real Wood Venetian, Aluminium Venetian & Pleated
  • White frame as standard but also available in 5 other colours*
  • Child safe with cordless operation
  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Full, professional design and installation service


Perfect fit blinds are a beautiful and practical addition to any room. To learn more about the perfect fit blinds we have to offer or to make an enquiry simply get in touch with St Pauls Blinds. We can offer friendly and honest advice and an exemplary design and installation service. Contact the team today.